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CNG Vehicles

Because of the growing popularity of CNG around the world, there is now an incentive to manufacture vehicles that run on CNG.  The usual method of getting a CNG vehicle is to get your conventional vehicle fitted with a CNG conversion kit.  This consists of a gas cylinder filled with CNG along with a distribution system via a gas pressure regulator to the combustion chamber.  However, there are dedicated as well as dual-fuel vehicles being developed for the market in response to the growing demand for fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly CNG vehicles.

Several manufacturers make dual fuel vehicles.  Depending on the requirement of the driver, the vehicle can switch from running on CNG to gasoline at the touch of a button. This allows the vehicle owner to benefit from the use of both gasoline and CNG depending on the price and supply of both options.

CNG vehicles have to be refueled more often than you would need to refuel a vehicle that runs on gasoline.  However, since it is easier to extract than oil and because no refining process is involved, you can get the same amount of CNG for a much lesser price than

Example:  The Ford Focus – when the all-CNG model was released the federal government announced a grant of $4000 to households, municipalities and companies who purchased the vehicle.