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CNG Refueling System

With growing demand new developments in the design and distribution process have taken place to facilitate the provision of clean and economical fuel to consumers. The growing popularity of CNG has also helped several countries to overcome the dependence on expensive imported oil and to control the balance of payments. Consumers can either convert their existing gasoline-powered vehicles to CNG or they may purchase a dedicated CNG vehicle.

WHATA CNG refueling system has unique requirements and is designed in a particular way, because it is a different product.  CNG is compressed natural gas which mainly consists of methane, a gas that is lighter than air. On the other hand, gasoline is a liquid. Therefore, the two fuels cannot be transported in the same way and so the distribution and supply systems for CNG have to be tailored.


CNG vehiHOWcles can line up at a CNG refueling station that looks exactly like a gasoline station. In fact, many stations offer both gasoline and CNG refueling services.