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CNG Fueling Stations


Compared with other types of fuels, CNG is usually not dispensed through self-service fueling stations. Usually a service person or an attendant is supposed to dispense the CNG to your vehicle.  People who are new to using CNG and other compressed gases may not be aware of the care that is required in transporting the fuel to their vehicle.  However, as people have become more comfortable with the use of CNG and the level of safety involved, there are self-service CNG fueling stations being designed where consumers can fuel up with CNG on their own.

Because the information on this map is partially crowd-sourced and is a collaborative effort between CNGnow and its community members, we cannot guarantee its accuracy in all cases. We recommend that you call ahead before visiting a station.

A CNG fueling station looks quite similar to any other fueling station supplying gasoline or diesel.  In fact there are some stations that provide both CNG and gasoline through separate dispensers. The CNG is dispensed through a hose connected to a dispenser. The hose is inserted into the duct of the gas cylinder installed in the vehicle and as the gas is transferred, the dispenser also calculates the volume and the total price.

Where the law permits, consumers can fill their vehicles with CNG through a home fueling station.  A special device enables the gas being delivered to the consumer’s home for heating and cooking purposes to be siphoned into the CNG cylinder of the vehicle.

Some CNG fueling stations may be dedicated to serving one type of vehicle, like cars versus trucks, or have separate facilities.  It helps the CNG fueling station to offer a specialized service and adhere to the standards for supplying CNG safely to certain types of vehicles.

CNG fueling stations also differ according to the number of vehicles they serve. The design of the CNG fueling station is made considering the estimated number of vehicles it may serve in a day. This is done after considering the local population and the flow of traffic through that area. The number of vehicles served also helps the CNG fueling station in arriving at an estimated volume of CNG that it will receive from the gas supplier.

A certain station may not serve all consumers.  There are CNG fueling stations that serve the general public while there are also CNG fueling stations that are dedicated for a specific business or fleet of vehicles.

In addition to providing CNG fueling facilities, a CNG fueling station also provides other services such as housing a convenience store or a service station, where you can get an oil change.

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