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Green and Business Prudence

The emergence of compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternative to other popular liquid fuels has spearheaded the creation of an entire industry and has prevented an environmental issue from spiraling out of control.  By the end of the previous century environmentalists were worried about the rising temperatures of the earth and the impending global climate change. Unfortunately, many did not take their concerns seriously despite the fact that stacks of reports prepared by environmental agencies and NGOs showed that the emissions from factories and automobiles were bringing about dangerous changes to the ecological systems.  The hole in the ozone layer attributed to the use of CFCs was a much talked about issue during the 1990s but little practical effort was made to control its spread.

One reason for this apathy was that the recommendations of these environmental agencies called for drastic reductions in the emissions of carbon pollutants into the atmosphere.  Most of these emissions were produced by manufacturing corporations and automobiles.  The business world was not ready to accept such dramatic reductions because it would lead to big losses in profitability.  The carbon emissions were produced as a result of burning carbon fuels like diesel, coal, and petroleum.  To reduce the use of these fuels, a substitute fuel was needed which was unavailable at the time.  As a result, the pleas of the environmentalists went largely unheeded by the corporate sector.

With time, CNG has become one of the leading alternatives to conventional fuels mainly because of its accessibility and ease of exploration and distribution.  This helps to keep the costs of CNG relatively low as compared to conventional fuels based on liquid crude oil.

With the development of the CNG sector, the corporate sector has also found an alternative for heavily polluting fuels that will not force them to sacrifice profits for environmental protection. CNG is one of the cheapest and least polluting fuels available today.  Millions of automobiles are being converted to CNG and many more cars are being designed that will use CNG as the primary fuel.  This is good news for the business world!  The growing popularity of CNG will bring down the costs of production and make it more economical to power machines instead of using other more polluting fuels.

While helping businesses to control their costs, CNG also helps businesses play their role in reducing environmental pollution.  Most of the conventional fuels add carbon monoxide, oxides of sulfur, and other dangerous greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.  Using CNG helps to reduce these emissions by around 20-25%.  Still, it is a long way to go before the global business community is convinced about the business prudence in going green.