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Engines and Conversion Kits

It is estimated that millions of cars have already been converted to CNG in only the past decade as the costs of petroleum and gasoline have been increasing rapidly.  Installing a CNG kit in a car or getting a CNG conversion kit is easier now, as all major cities now have CNG conversion kit centers where you can have one installed.

A CNG kit consists of a CNG tank.  This tank contains the gas that will be used to power the engine.  The purpose is to place the kit in the safest place to avoid risk of injury to the car and to the passengers inside.  The gas cylinder has to be very secure so that gas does not leak.  While filling up the gas cylinder at the CNG station, care is taken not to place too much pressure on the cylinder.  The pressure of the gas being filled is kept to a maximum of 200 bars – going beyond this limit is illegal in many countries.

In the United States, there is a requirement that all CNG conversion kits have to be designed according to the approved criteria of the Environment Protection Agency.  Any design that is not approved by the EPA is likely to lead to a fine of around $5000 or more per day.  There are approved CNG kit designs for different types of engines.  To get a design approved, an application for the same has to be filed with the Environment Protection Agency.

In addition to the CNG cylinder, your CNG conversion kit will consist of a stainless steel delivery system that will deliver the gas from the gas cylinder to a regulator.  The function of the regulator is to reduce the pressure of the gas coming from the cylinder to a level that is safe and manageable for the engine.  From the regulator, the CNG is then transferred to a mixer where the gas is mixed with air.  Then, the gas passes to another chamber called the air intake manifold and ultimately, to the combustion chamber.

The 2 best things about converting – you save on costs AND also help to protect the environment!  With little research, you will be able to find the best CNG conversion kit for your car that is affordable, safe and efficient.

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