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CNG: The Alternative

Compressed natural gas, also known as CNG, is the most rapidly developing alternative to gasoline or other oil-based fuels. The main reason for the growing popularity of CNG as an automotive fuel is its great affordability and its clean burning properties. Both these properties have made CNG one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the energy economy. In fact, the CNG industry has become one of the leading industries and economic leaders of several countries. As a fuel, it has several advantages over gasoline and petroleum which are more aligned to the environmental needs of the twenty-first century.

CNG is becoming one of the most popular fuels because it is present in abundant supplies, even in the United States where oil deposits are uneconomical to extract at present. CNG is also less polluting than gasoline or petroleum. It has been reported that CNG produces less pollutants and greenhouse gases as compared to petroleum. In fact, according to some estimates, CNG cars contribute 20% less carbon monoxide to the atmosphere per mile than cars that run on gasoline. CNG cars also create fewer greenhouse gas emissions, sometimes around 25% fewer emissions, than cars operating on petroleum based fuels and gasoline.

CNG is a compound of methane along with a few other elements. This makes it slightly less efficient a fuel as compared with petroleum; however, the benefit lies in its affordability and cleans burning properties. The clean burning properties of CNG have proved useful in reducing the pollution problems of major cities in the world. This is one reason why some of the biggest metropolitan regions of the world are also the biggest centers of the CNG industry. Brazil and Pakistan are among the five leading markets for CNG stations in the world with one of the highest number of CNG cars per capita of the population.

One of the most attractive features of CNG is its great affordability especially for the middle income consumers. The price of oil in recent years has seen a great increase and the volatility in the oil producing regions leads to rapid fluctuations in price of oil imports. On the other hands, natural gas is more easily available and does not cost as much. It is much easier now to have dual fuel cars that run on both petrol and CNG than it has been in the past several years. The number of CNG stations in countries around the world has been increased rapidly.

There has also been a great increase in the number of cars running on CNG. There are dedicated CNG cars being manufactured that run solely on CNG. There are also dual fuel cars that run on both CNG and petrol. This has led to a reduction in countries’ dependence on oil imports and the trade deficit of many countries has improved as a result. In some countries people can even fill up their CNG cars from the gas being supplied to their homes. In this way they also save the time in queuing up at gas stations.