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City of Asheville

Company: City of Asheville, Asheville, NC


City government looking to improve access to compressed natural gas for its maintenance fleet, local businesses and the general public vehicles.


The City of Asheville had already been using CNG for their maintenance vehicles, however, their system had been failing and they struggled to get necessary repairs and replacement parts. They were looking for more reliable solution to their current system.

CNG Refueling Solution:

CNG Refueling Systems helped them size and engineer a better refueling system built with Ingersoll Rand compressors.

We designed and installed a standard fast-fill system including 2 compressors, dryer to dry inlet gas so no moisture entering compressor, and a storage sphere to store gas so it is readily available.

The system was professionally installed and tested through startup and operation.  Additionally, we assisted in making the system “public friendly” by including elements that allowing the public to access to compressed natural gas by swiping their credit card and filling their vehicles.


The City of Asheville is now able to reliably run their CNG fueling system and has received accolades for their eco-friendly initiative and support of cleaner burning fuel. This reliable system aided in their effort to reduce carbon emissions and support the use of alternative fueled vehicles.

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